A class based multiplayer shooter game

Introducing Emily the heavy, Ben the soldier, Chip the sniper and Jack the doctor, together they are Frostbite.

Frostbite classes together


Major emphasis of the game is simplicity and pure fun with a little dose of teamplay. The gamemode is capture the flag.


Each class have one weapon and one special move, game starts with 4 classes.


Frostbite Soldier Class

He uses machine gun. Bullets are projectiles and spread will rise when you fire. Secondary fire is laser jump, soldier is able to use it most often and it will be strongest from laser jumps of other classes. Effect on kill will remove his recoil for 5 seconds, heal him for 15 hp and make him able to make 1 big laser jump for 5 seconds.


Frostbite Sniper Class

He uses sniper rifle of course. Spread will rise with each shot, but much slower when you duck. Secondary fire is laser jump, its rate of fire is low, but strength of jump is as strong as soldiers, allowing sniper to get to desired camping spot or run away from danger, but doesn't give him amazing movement in general. Effect on kill will rise sniper damage 2x for 5 seconds , up to 4x, so without this effect he needs 2 shots to kill fresh spawned player, with 2x he can kill fresh spawned player with one shot, and with 4x he will gib everything that moves with 1 hit, if he kills someone with maximum effect on, it will reset its time to 5 seconds, so if sniper keeps killing every 5 seconds, he will maintain this effect forever.


Frostbite Doctor Class

He uses nano gun that shoots condensate blob of nanites, they will be affected by gravity and behave like nades. On hit they will apply 5 second healing effect on teammates or poison on enemies, allowing doctor to heal and fight many target at once. If doctors healing effect is on teammate, doctor gains smaller healing effect on himself, and its the only way for doctor to self heal, it doesn't stack with more teammates healed at the same time. Secondary fire is laser jump, with average rate of fire and strength, allowing doctor to run to hurt teammates fast enough, and escape from enemies leaving them to die. From poison alone doctor wont have effect on kill like other classes, instead when doctor does a 150 poison damage, his secondary will turn into powerful healing bomb that will heal 100 hp to every teammate in large area, including the doctor, and when doctor heal 150 hp with primary fire, his secondary will turn into powerful beam or aggressive nanites that shoots for 3 seconds.


Frostbite Heavy Class

She uses rocket launcher. Rate of fire is really low but rocket explosion are deadly, a direct hit will do 100 damage. Rockets are armed only after some distance from heavy, to eliminate close distance rockets kills that are cheap. Rockets will be affected by gravity just a little bit, to make it more easy to shoot at legs and limit distance. Her secondary fire will create a shockwave that pushes all enemies around heavy far away, exactly at range where rockets can kill them. Every time heavy kills someone she will gain 3 seconds of invincibility, allowing her to lead attack or perform rocket jump without hurting herself. Heavy is the only class that spawns with an armor.


A class based multiplayer shooter game.


The goal of the game is to steal the enemy flag and bring it back to your own flag in the base, just like in an ordinary ctf, but with small difference, when flag is dropped, picking it up or returning takes 3 seconds, because otherwise chasers have always easier to return the flag.


Every weapon has an unlimited ammo, players spawn with 100 health, that doesn’t rot or regenerate, maximum health is 125, maximum armor is 100, armor gives flat 25% damage reduction, and each damage subtracts 50% damage value from armor.

All weapons are powerful, allowing skilled players to eliminate bunch of newbies without getting too much damage, but their power are limited enough so doctor can have some impact on the field.


Players re-spawn in waves, it is balanced carefully so players don’t wait dead too long, and still allow enemy team to assault enemy base with fire power and not only with speed and distraction, it should also not depend on carefully placed spawn points by mappers, and work well even if all spawns are next to the flag.


There are two kinds of power-ups, one that drops on player death, they are going to affect single person. And another power-up that will spawn always at same spot on the map, these power-ups affect the whole team, but in order to activate them, you have to bring them to your own base.

Smaller power-ups are 25 health, 50 armor, extra life and invisibility. Big power-ups, double damage for whole team for 10 seconds, instant re-spawn of all dead teammates, 25 armor for all living teammates and 50 health for all living teammates.

Team Frostbite


  • Morphed (mainly game dev)
  • SoulKeeper_p (mainly web dev)

This game mod was originally powered by Dakplaces engine and Nexuiz.

Frostbite is no longer in active development nor being maintained. Frostbite website is still being maintained.